How I did on my Bucket List

Hey Guys! Today I’m going to be sharing how I did on my 2021 bucket list! We are homeschooled, so we started school three weeks ago. So, summer is over😢

Go to the Beach

We did in fact go to the beach, and it was way more fun than I thought.

Go to Disney

We did not go to Disney… But we had a busy summer with the move and stuff.

Watch the sunset/rise

I did not watch the sun set or rise. I completely forgot about this one!

Go Hiking

I also didn’t go hiking, it is SUPER hot where we live now. Hotter then we are used to.

Read some books

I did read one or two. I really liked “Midnight for Charlie Bone” and I’m in the middle of “Indian Captive” I’m really liking it!

Conquer a Fear

I conquered my fear of the beach! And it was super fun!

Host a party

I haven’t done this one… yet. My two sisters birthdays are soon! So we will see!

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading!

Did you complete your bucket list? How was your summer?

Published by Hannah | Tween Peek

I'm a tween, that loves reading and dogs. I play the violin and I dance on pointe. I'm not just all classical graceful, my favorite style of music is pop, and I used to do hip hop.

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